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    1. I am trying to get cash or finance on the mdx it is 6500 cash or 7500 finance I will do buy here pay here as long as it is a higher down payment. You can run the finance thru your own finance company or go thru ours which is guardian finance, only thing they require is to live at the same place for six months, have the same job or income for six months, and all there cars are 1000 down and they also don’t go by your credit. It also has 130,000 miles.

  1. Tell me about Acura 08. Miles cash price ,model ,engine,ac work, was it hit in rear since it has no money del on the deck? Thank u. I want big enuf to haul family around. Is it all wheel drive. If price is right I will stop in and talk.

    1. It is a 2008 Acura tl, It has 137,000 miles on it. It is a auction car so I don’t know the history on it, yes the ac works, and it has a 3.2 engine. It is $8500 cash, that includes tax and title.

    1. our cheapest down payment right now is $800 a chevy Colorado and a honda crv sometimes we have cars that are $600 down but we sell those pretty quick. We also have a few for $1000 down suv’s

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